February 19, 2009

    What is POWER of LIFE?

    POWER of LIFE is a project initiated by “ATSUSHI” a member of Dragon Ash. The project aims to stimulate people to think through the expression of the power of life, that is to say, the magnificence and preciousness of life in diverse ways. We organize photo exhibitions and live events to express the splendor and power of life by photo and performance of athlete and musicians.

    Starting the first photo exhibition in April 2009, we are promoting the concept of the project with our supporters gathering from various field.

    POWER of LIFE became General Incorporated Association in March 2010, appointing ATSUSHI as Chief Director.

    February 19, 2009


    Perhaps, various issues surrounding us could be the result of our failure to understand the magnificence and preciousness of life.

    Power of life = Strength to maintain life
    Life = Mother for creations to be living beings
    Humans, animals, plants--all beings are life.

    No matter how large or small, life should be equal.
    Do we make light of the importance of an equitable life?
    What can we do to change and raise awareness of the actual status?
    I came to a conclusion that I might be able to do something necessary “to maintain power of life” by delivering “gloriousness of power of life”. Therefore, I decided to launch the project called “POWER of LIFE”.

    The inspiration for the “POWER of LIFE” came from a personal experience.
    An encounter brought me to an animal shelter in Chiba prefecture. There they take in dogs and cats from public health centers and either place them for adoption or provide lifelong care on site. I toured this animal shelter and talked with the workers.

    That was a profound and immeasurable experience. I pondered so many things and wondered what kind of meaningful steps I could take. Honestly, even now, I wrestle with these thoughts. What is clear to me is that we human beings must take responsibility once we have an animal as our pet.

    As a project of “POWER of LIFE”,
    I would like to convey “the glory of the power of life”, to act in order to “maintain the power of life”, and to act in a way that that essentials to “maintain power of life” will reach those in need.

    As a project of “POWER of LIFE”,
    I would like to face various forces that are not “maintaining the power of life”.

    So many people, so many opinions.
    Every person is different.
    Although there are differences in personal philosophy, I hope that I can create pieces to deliver “the glorious of power of life” and act in order to “maintain the power of life” with athletes, musicians, and the splendid friends I have encountered.

    POWER of LIFE.

    ATSUSHI (Dragon Ash)

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